Photinia fraseri, also known as Red-Tip Photinia or Red Robin, is a fast-growing evergreen shrub very popularly planted in Oregon and California as a hedge. It is a hybrid of Asian parentage.

The new growth is a bright red during spring, then turns to a dark glossy green as the leaves mature. The plant is toxic to horses and other grazing animals, but there is no indication of toxicity to dogs or cats.

It has umbrella shaped flowers of creamy white that grow in dense clusters. Small red to black berries are produced in the fall which are consumed by birds, mostly thrushes, waxwings and starlings. It lends itself well to pruning and is usually planted as a privacy hedge.

Photinia fraseri is a fast grower, and can form a very dense hedge, but this is best done with regular trimming. Left untrimmed, the shoots can grow three to four feet or more in a season, but this will produce a bare-looking or thin shrub.


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